Final Fantasy Meme | Nine Quotes: CC:FFVII - Angeal Hewley [2/9]
'You're a little more important than my sword… But just a little.’ - After using his precious sword to save Zack's life.


Zack x Angeal :3

Loooonely… \whines\

There is no hate, only joy. For you are beloved by the Goddess. Hero of the dawn, healer of worlds.


Better days…

"I want all of these beds."


I do not think you miss me as much as I could ever feel that emotion with you— -  It’s a pain that only grows stronger with each passing moment, a pain that lays quiet; in waiting. That feeling only consumes my everything when your presence is gone.

When I can’t hear that voice, when I can’t feel that touch.

It is a wave of darkness, it lingers, burning my very being. Burning me until I am a charred, hollow, shell of the man I use to be. Your absence leaves me broken, it leaves me damaged, it slowly kills me.

And for the life of me.

I can’t tell you to stay, I can not voice for you to be with me. I can only look at you and hope that you see in my eyes what I want the most. I can only hope that when you close that door, all that is left with you is my voice telling you to come home.

Telling you I am cold, I am dying, I am alone.

I think— -

I miss you the most.


More Angeal hotness.


More Angeal hotness.


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